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We’ve been getting lots of questions about the small business loans available to businesses struggling during the coronavirus outbreak. Here we answer the most common questions we’ve gotten. After reading, consider going here for more resources:

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  • The Economic Injury Disaster Loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
  • The Paycheck Protection Loan (Part of the CARES Act).

2. How do I get these loans?

  • Apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan directly from the SBA here.
  • Paycheck Protection Loans are government-backed but will come from private banks. You should inquire at your local bank about these loans. The Treasury Department has just released the loan application. You can see it here. You will still need to apply for the loan at your local bank. This is just the application.


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4. Do I need to repay these loans?

  • You must repay the Economic Injury Disaster Loan from the SBA. Payments can be deferred for one year after the origin of the loan.
  • All or some of the Paycheck Protection Loan may be forgiven (converted into a grant). There are specific requirements about how you spend the loan and if you continue to employ your workers in order for it to be forgiven. sgreen安卓破解版.

5. What about the $10,000 emergency grant I’ve heard about?

  • The SBA is offering to advance businesses a $10,000 grant that does not need to be paid back. That grant will be paid quickly — in as little as three days.
  • You can apply for that $10,000 grant as part of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan process. If you are awarded the $10,000 emergency grant, you will not have to pay the grant (just the grant) back. You will still have to repay the rest of your SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

6. Can self-employed workers and freelancers apply?

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  • SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans are available to small businesses and non-profits (including faith-based) with fewer than 500 employees, sole proprietors and independent contractors.

7. Can you apply for both loans?

  • Yes. You can apply for and receive both loans.

8. Do I need good credit to qualify for these loans?

  • The Paycheck Protection Loan requires no collateral and no personal guarantee.
  • The Economic Injury Disaster Loans are given based on credit scores. No tax returns are required. You can borrow up to $200,000 without a personal guarantee.


  • Your loan may be forgiven if you bring back employees and restore wages generally within 30 days and maintain them through June 30.

10. My bank doesn’t seem to know anything about the Paycheck Protection Loan. Now what?

  • Banks are currently working out the details but are expected to be ready by April 3. The Treasury Department has released more details on the loan here. You can also view the application here. You will still need to apply through a private bank.

Coronavirus Guide for Small Businesses

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Coronavirus Small Business Guide

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  • Check out the U.S. Chamber’s Small Business Loan Guide.
  • To help you manage your business through the coronavirus crisis, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has created a 绿叶green下载ios and a customizable flyer for businesses to communicate their coronavirus efforts to customers.
  • For more information pertaining to your specific location, you can find your local Chamber of Commerce here.
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has created a full list of programs providing financial assistance to small businesses impacted by COVID-19. You can find that here.